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Your Seven Last Words

Every year around Easter leading up to Good Friday it is common to hear churches hosting the Seven Last Words of Jesus services. At these services we hear phrases like; I Thirst, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me, Forgive Them, and I Commend My Spirit to name a few. Of course they are never just seven last words at these services.

What I wish to plant today I pray it becomes engraved in our hearts and minds simply because people are checking out of here too quickly. The four writers of the one gospel of Jesus Christ recorded some key final words uttered by the savior.

The question this day is what should your last words be or what should you tell a person who is dying. What if you happen to see a person in an accident or come up on a person who had been fatally wounded and is traveling through the halls of death? What would your final words to them be? I suggest your seven last words for you and for them should be;

Jesus forgive me please save my soul!

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