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The Trickle-Down Effect


Those of us who have older siblings understand well the trickle-down effect. The younger child becomes the recipient of the older child’s belongings. Sometimes this is a blessing and other times it can feel like a curse.

This process, however, doesn’t stop at the family hands me downs, it is visible in basically every aspect of our lives. On our jobs we get projects and assignments that those above us refuses to do. In government, the boys get theirs first and the agencies that really need the money receive the leftovers.

Thank Goodness that we have a God who is just the opposite. He takes care of the needy while sustaining everyone else.

Matthew 18:11-13 For the Son of man is come to save that which was lost. How think ye? if a man have an hundred sheep, and one of them be gone astray, doth he not leave the ninety and nine, and goeth into the mountains, and seeketh that which is gone astray? And if so be that he find it, verily I say unto you, he rejoiceth more of that sheep, than of the ninety and nine which went not astray.



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