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Once was... but now...

All of us was something other than who we are in the Lord these days. Some of us are ashamed to even mention some of the things we use to do ignorantly in sin. What if the Lord had denied us access to mercy and left us out there in the wilderness of sin.

The Apostle Paul stated that he was; 1) blasphemer, 2) persecutor, and 3) injurious. Through all of the ugly acts that Paul was involved in, the Lord granted him mercy and placed him into the ministry (read I Timothy 1:3-16).

Point in case the worst person in our opinion can be the evangelist the Lord use this summer to carry his message of hope and salvation to those who we are unable to reach with all of our theological trainings.

Prayer; Lord Jesus help us to share the good news to all that we come in contact with especially when we are being prompted by the Holy Ghost to reach out to them. Amen

In God We Trust

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