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The Serpent and the Dove

Often we as the children of God are asked to examine and take on certain characteristics of a given animal. We who are categorized as humans are supposed to be the most intelligent beings created by God. Nevertheless, from time to time God sends us to study animals. In Matthew 10:16 Jesus said, “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves”. Just like the wolves stalk and destroy sheep, persecutors will seek, hunt, and destroy the disciples of Jesus. So what makes serpents and doves animals to study as it relates to persecution?

First of all a serpent can represent good and evil biblically. When we observe a snake or serpent we find the following:

  • It does not have legs so it must be able to detect danger way ahead of time. In doing this the snake gets a head start to find a hiding place.

  • The snake must be aware of its surroundings at all time.

  • The snake can squeeze into tight places.

  • The snake can camouflage itself.

  • The snake is not a fighter like other animals it basically has one weapon.

When we look at a dove we find the following:

  • The dove is loyal and knows how to find its starting place.

  • It has a preferred diet of seeds.

  • Because of its wide wingspan, the dove can escape danger quickly.

  • The dove has a long range it can fly long distances.

  • The dove is not a predatory bird.

In summary, the dove and serpent are not fighters they must depend on their natural abilities to avoid danger. The snake cannot focus on the fact that it does not have feet, legs, wings, or hands. But in the absence of these things God gave it several abilities that other animals does not have. The dove does not have a venomous bite but it can take flight.

All of us has special abilities to keep us out of trouble and away from danger. I challenge you to find your God given abilities and use it to stay several steps ahead of the adversary!

In God We Trust!

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