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He Kept Your Position Opened

Most of us like to engage in activities when we get ready. The same holds true for the very thing that God has called us to do during our lifetime. Take Moses and Jonah for example each caused a delay in the deliverance of others.

Moses spent 40 years in the presence of Pharaoh and took it upon himself to began to liberate his people. He then had to run for his own life because he took another man's life. Moses had to spend another 40 with the Priest of Midian in preparation for his assignment in Egypt. For 40 years God kept Moses's position opened he never posted his job.

Jonah, decided to go to Tarshish instead of Ninevah so he spent three days in the belly) of a great fish, (Johan 1:17. God could have allow Jonah to be digested and destroyed by the fish. Nevertheless, God kept his position opened because Ninevah was his assignment.

Somebody is waiting on the assignment God gave you don't make them wait 3 days or certainly not 40 years!

In God We Trust!

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