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Your Words Are Powerful

JAMES 3:1-12 – Your Words are powerful

When was the last time your mouth got you in trouble? Maybe you said something that you wished you hadn’t say, or perhaps it was something that someone said that was hurtful to you. Every day we speak thousands of words and most of our words are spoken with the desire to help and encourage, but on the other hand some of our words are spoken with little thought on the effect it could have on others. In this chapter, James is teaching about the untamable tongue which is one of the smallest members of the body. James tells us that man can tame every kind of beast, bird, reptile and creatures of the sea, but man is unable to tame the tongue. Even though the tongue is untamable, as believers, we can rely on the Holy Spirit to give us increasing power to monitor and control what we say. Remember your words are powerful! The question to believers of Christ is “Do you use your tongue to destroy or to build up by sharing the good news?”

Minister Eloise Conyers-Jackson

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