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Removing the Mask

Do we really know the people around us? Who are these people we let into our lives that we call friends and acquaintances? These are people who have mastered the practice of mask removal. When they are with you they put on their “I’m your friend who you can trust with your deepest secrets mask”. When they leave your presence they remove that mask and put on their “I hate you mask” when they talk to their other so called friend about you.

When these people get in a worship setting they put on their “I Love the Lord Mask”. When these same people get to work they put on their “I just want to fit in Mask”. When they run into some old friends they put on their “Well for old time sake mask”. Their faces should constantly hurt from all of the mask removals.

Thank God for Jesus, “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever” (Hebrew 13:8).

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