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Our Prayer

Lord Jesus, it is without hesitation that we thank you this day for the rising of the sun. We thank you for life, good health, strength, our mental faculties, the essentials of life, family and friends. We are eternally grateful for salvation and the power of the Holy Ghost. We ask now that you bless all those who have lost their way in you. We all realize that there are divine mandates upon our lives, help us to fulfill each and every one of them in the mighty name of Jesus the Christ.

We lift up every person who has been elected, appointed, and anointed to fulfil a divine purpose in the land. We come against every unclean thing, every foul thing, witches, warlocks, root workers, sorcerers, familiar things, religious manipulators, false prophets, and any other spiritual attacks.

We declare dominance over every adversarial attack, no more devastating defeat from the enemy. We see ourselves from this hour truly the head and not the tale. We see the glory of God saturating our lives to the point of supernatural advancements and tangible prosperity. We declare and decree that depression will no longer creek in and out of our lives. We walk in a brand new day, new ideas, new opportunities, new expectations, and new purposes.

We speak into the future of our children and grandchildren that the favor of God will be larger than life in the eyes of their oppressors and haters. We pray now for spiritual awakening for all of those who have opposed us and the word of God. We command the enemy to lose them and let them go, be free in the name of Jesus.

We command freedom from doubt, fear, and unbelief. Thank you for the anointing that is still able to break every chain and remove every unwanted burden. The Lord our savior shall perform these things right before our eyes.

And the people of God said, AMEN!

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