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Press Start

This was given to me to present to you. “This is your day for a fresh start, a day to ignite your visions from the Lord of host. I speak over your lives right now by the Lord Jesus Christ. Go ahead, saith the Lord and press start! Ignite your dreams and visions for this is the season you have been waiting for. For it is out of the worst of times, when I squeeze out promises. Check my record, for out of oppression brought I the children out with more. Now is the time, for my resources are ready to be released. What you don’t have is not a factor but use what you do have and watch it mature and multiply. Go ahead press start for now is the time to believe and receive beyond the norm. You don’t need everything you think you need to get started. Go ahead, press start!”

In the matchless name of Jesus the Christ and the people who long for him said, AMEN.

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