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Evening Time

The afternoon or evening presents an interesting time of the day. After we have worked an eight hour day, it becomes time to settle down, treat your wounds, and relax. Naturally, the majority of animals stop grazing, stop hunting for food, and even a chopped off snake tail stop moving. The only animals that appears after dark are the nocturnal ones.

People and demonic forces operate in the same manner. At evening time most people and demons back off until the next day. The nocturnal people and demons which are far less than the daily ones, works best at night.

Jesus sat with the twelve to eat one evening and said, “One of you shall betray me”. It is easy to say, one out of twelve isn’t bad, but that one betrayed him to death (Matthew 26).

Just because your day ends, it doesn’t mean your oppressors have knocked off for the day. Hold to God’s unchanging hands.


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