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The Art of Saying Thank You

People are generally driven by responses from others. Life is a lot like playing chess or checkers, our next move is based on what the opponent does. If a person approaches you or responds to you negatively, the majority of the time you will retaliate. If the response is favorable, the dialog continues smoothly. I was always told to tell people thank you when they do something for you because they didn’t have to.

A selfish person may withhold his thank you, but a grateful person is overwhelmed and releases it with enthusiasm. Thank you releases something into the atmosphere that cannot be erased.

In Luke 17:1-19, ten lepers came in contact with Jesus, after being healed, one of them came back to worship and thank Jesus. This leper was the only one out of ten to be healed and made whole. We can be healed but our minds are still not whole and the healing can be lost just like that.

I do not want to lose anything so I say, Thank you Antioch and friends for the drive by pre-birthday celebration Sunday January 31, 2021. My official day will be Wednesday February 3.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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