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Training Your Successor

I have noticed that some families can pass the torch with ease while other families struggle with the process. A small business owner with family members on staff should be making preparation for his or her departure. The goal of having a family business, is to make certain that the next generation will grower it to greater proportion than before. The new generation should then appreciate the transfer of wealth and began to prepare for the next generation.

This was the ultimate process used by God. He transformed his word into flesh (John 1:14). That flesh was known by all as Jesus who dwelt among us. Jesus was obedient to the father until death. After death, Jesus was given all power from God the father. Two things became evident as a result of Jesus’s death and resurrection. The first, it became evident that no man go to the father except trough Jesus (John 14:6). Second, God advanced Jesus to a position of all power, no more limitations or waiting to hear back from his father (Matt 28:18).

God prepared Jesus to handle his business and Jesus prepared us to handle his business.

Who are you preparing to take you place?


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