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People in general love to be associated with success. We follow franchise athletes and if given a chance to send our children or grandchildren, we will make sacrifices for them to be at their camps. Then when we get back to work of talk to our friends we brag about them going or having attended one of these camps. Simply because we worship these athletes and would love for our children to be like them.

When was the last time you heard parents raving about their child going to VBS or Church School? Good question right. But, we say we love the Lord with all our heart. Certain athletes consider themselves to be the greatest of all time because they have dominated their sport. So we want our children to be like them. The truth of the matter is this, Jesus is;

· The fastest man in the World. He can cross international borders in Nano seconds.

· Not only is he a better swimmer than Michael Phelps, but He can actually walk on the water.

· He is a master fisherman who can fill the nets and the entire boat.

· He holds patents on medical breakthroughs like using clay and spit to give sight to the blind.

· And he put David Copperfield to shame by staying in womb of a virgin woman for 9 months.

Jesus Christ is the Greatest Of All Times. He is the one we should want our children to be like!

And the people of God said AMEN!


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