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What’s Your Net Worth

I know how much we mean to our spouse, friend, family, employer, etc., but what is your personal net worth. Think about it for a minute most young people today have a negative net worth. Too many young people today don’t even know their net worth. Let’s explore some raw numbers and look at what may be available to liquidate for cash.

Tattoo $1,200 resale price $0.00 = -$1,200.00

New Truck $55.000, 1 year old resale value $48,000 = -$7,000.00

Apartment $800 resale price $0.00 = -$800

Credit card balance $5,000 resale value $0.00 = -$5,000.00

Based on these numbers, persons who has similar bills have a net worth of -$14,000.00. Several smaller things may have been overlooked, but do we get the picture.

Our parents kept a positive net worth because they owned what they had. They owned that old truck, they owned their home, they didn’t have credit cards. We need to own more things to maintain a positive net worth.


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